Reflecting on my feedback – Assignment 2

I have received formative feedback from my tutor with regards to my second assignment. Once again I will reflect on the feedback and identify what I feel are the key themes and areas for development.

In my final presentation, my tutor has noted that although I’m doing well with the amount and quality of work, I have not put enough information into the final document. I have once again read over my learning log and I think because I put the research in leading up to my final assignment and documented it in my learning log, I felt that I would be repeating myself by putting the same information into my final document, this I now realise was very silly of me! I have to differentiate between my learning log and my assignments, remembering that my log is my journey and I need to collect parts, if not all of this information for my final piece. I will learn from this and ensure that enough information is given to the reader next time.

I need to spend more time researching other blogs online to help me understand how to improve on my own and not be afraid of putting a lot more text with the graphics in future.


  1. Thanks for that Tracey, I also assumed reflections from learning log would count as reflection for assignment. Very useful information!


    1. Glad to have helped you Aggie!


  2. I’m so sorry, I misspelt your name


    1. It’s fine, happens all the time 🙂


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