Exercise 2.3: Space: Section at Scale 1:20/1:50

During this exercise I learned how to draw a section from my previous plan. I drew a red dotted line across the plan with arrows pointing in the direction of the elevation I wanted to section and create. By placing a piece of tracing paper above my plan, drawing a horizontal floor line first and then using a set square I extended the lines vertically from my plan drawing up from the section drawing. I then drew horizontal lines to join each line relevant to the chimney breast and pieces of furniture, all to scale 1:20.

At first I was confused by how to create this elevation on the tracing paper, I read through the instruction several times to try and understand what was required. Once I started drawing the vertical lines up from my plan it started to make sense, it’s simple when you know how! So this was done by hand and the next exercise involves drawing on computer aided design software which I am very much looking forward to.

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