Do I think design and creativity should adhere to aesthetic rules of proportion and symmetry?

Symmetry creates balance, and balance in design creates harmony, order, and aesthetically pleasing results. It is found everywhere in nature, and is probably why we find it to be so beautiful. Symmetry is one of the fundamental principles in gestaltism, a human behavior theory that proposes that our mind naturally creates order and completeness in the things we see and encounter. (Craig, s.d)

Yes, symmetry does create balance and in turn aesthetically pleasing results. There’s something very special about designs that are symmetrical, such as buildings or furniture. I believe that certain designs would not look as appealing if they weren’t symmetrical and were uneven and unbalanced, this doesn’t make them ugly, it makes them unique because of their unevenness. It all depends on the message you are trying to communicate. If a room that you are designing is not symmetrical, it does have more appeal because you need to think more carefully on both practicality and aesthetic, this challenges you to create a unique space without it looking messy. Whilst symmetry creates balance which feels right and looks aesthetically pleasing, it’s also quite boring and I think that you need to have designs that draw the eye more than others would do. If a design is ugly, it doesn’t mean it’s been made in an awful way or that it doesn’t appeal, it creates conversation. You question who designed it, why they designed it in that way and could it work for you. I believe that creativity is individual and appeals to different people in lots of different ways.

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