Scale: Spaces & Objects

Exercise 1.1: Object: Sketch & Survey

Exercise 1.2: Object: Plan & Elevations, Scale 1:1

Exercise 1.3: Object: Plan & Elevations, Scales 1:2

For the first exercise I found an object to draw, one with some interesting detail but not over complicated.  I then spent some time looking at it from all sides and angles, then sketched it from above and from two different sides. I then took a ruler and measured each edge and wrote down the dimensions on my sketch above.  I had to try and draw in long continuous lines, I actually found this really easy to do and I think it was made easier with the type of object I had chosen.

Secondly, I drew a plan (from above) and a side elevation, in a neat orthographic line drawing. Whilst understanding how to calculate scale, next I drew a plan and a side elevation in a scale 1:2, making the drawings half the size. There’s something quite therapeutic about drawing neat lines and to scale, I must buy myself a mechanical pencil!

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