Well, what a project this has been. I have learned so much to take with me throughout the rest of my course.  Some of it was very time consuming and at times frustrating, but those processes should become second nature the further I progress with the course.  Even though at times I felt I may have been focusing too closely on particular sections of the project, I have realised that detailed research naturally takes a fair amount of time to conduct.  Once I eventually get used to certain parts of the course, i.e. Harvard referencing, I trust they will take up less time. I need to remember to get into the habit of carrying my sketch book with me and sketch as well as taking photographs.  I hope to start doing this and incorporating this in my learning log from now on. From this assignment I have learned how to carry out in depth research of architecture, architects and designs, and how to take that information and document it with images in my learning log.  I feel I can now reference correctly with a lot more ease; at the beginning it was very frustrating remembering to do this.  Right from the start of Project 2 I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about historical properties, innovative materials and vernacular architecture and I am excited to learn more about these areas. This project seems like an excellent starting point. Really excited to move on to the next project!

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