Return to the site, assess and record.

Cedar Falls is a Georgian Manor building located in the county of Somerset, in the Quantock hills, set on 44 acres of wooded landscape, with lakes and beautiful gardens.

Fig.1 Aerial photograph of Cedar Falls site location

The location of my chosen interior space within the building is on the ground floor, the first room on the left as you enter the main door.

Fig.2 Cedar Falls Health Farm, front of main building
Fig.3 Sketch plan of the interior space, sitting room is highlighted in relation to other rooms within the building.

The overall approximate height and lengths of the room are 20ft x 20ft. It is traditionally used as a sitting room for guests to spend time in relaxing, reading or playing board games. There is no sign of technology is this room, plenty of board games and jigsaw puzzles to keep you amused, much as it would have been traditionally used.

The main house doesn’t have any buildings opposite or to each of the sides, but there are two buildings behind that are used to home the staff that work on site. The only time you see the buildings are if you are staying in one of the rooms at the back of the building or when you are walking to your car in the rear carpark. They would have been built in the 1950’s possibly, but definitely not Georgian. The lines of sight in the room are clear, three large Georgian windows let sunlight flood in and the furniture sits no higher than the first pane of glass.


Fig.1 Aerial photograph of Cedar Falls site location (accessed 3.6.19)

Fig.2 Cedar Falls Health Farm (accessed 3.6.19)

Fig.3 Sketch plan of the interior of Cedar Falls

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