Precedent Research: Presentation

With all the information collected I have created a graphic illustrated digital presentation, which includes text and images/diagrams to illustrate the history and present day of The Reichstag, Berlin.

My critical reflection on the task

I was excited at the challenge of researching everything about The Reichstag but was unaware of how much time I would actually need to spend.  I now have a much better understanding of this process and picking out the most important parts to put in the digital presentation has taught me to take one step at a time and enjoy the journey.  I thought it was important to show as much history on The Reichstag in images as it was to talk about the redesign, I am totally in love with the buildings history and hope to visit it one day.

My evaluation of the research

After looking at all four precedent designs, The Reichstag looked the most interesting to research.  I was not disappointed.  The history behind the building and the journey both the building and the German people have been through is fascinating.  Learning about the Architect Norman Foster was also very inspiring, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out information that led him to design in this way. Having spent a lot of hours researching and putting together a presentation has given a much better understanding and appreciation of what there is to learn and how much time can be taken with it.

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