Focus – the Designer & the building

In order to understand more about the building and its interior, I have continued gathering research to understand what context Norman Foster was designing in and what has inspired him to design in this way.

I looked at some of his work and found the following very interesting.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 features 10 chapels, one of which was designed by Norman Foster. It is made from ramped steel floor structure that supports a timber deck, the structure is made of steel masts and cross arms, braced by prestressed steel cables and small inclined circular hollow sections. Jasmine vines will climb the structure over time softening its contours releasing a gentle fragrance to enhance the sense of spiritual calm. (Foster + Partners, n.d) The structure sits in the forested region of the area among trees and near to the water. it manages to appear organic, as part of the landscape; yet, offers shelter and shade for visitors. (Rob Reuland, 2018)

Bund Finance Centre is a mix of historic and modern materials, taking into account the environment and connecting the old town with the new. The buildings were placed staggered in height facing the waterfront and relate in scale and rhythm to landmarks along the Bund. Each building is of hand crafted granite, become slimmer as they rise, giving the impression of solidity at the base and transparency at the top. At the heart of the design is an arts and cultural centre encircled by a moving veil which adapts to the changing use of the building and reveals the stage on the balcony and views towards Pudong. (Foster + Partners, n.d)


Rob Reuland (accessed on 7.5.19)

Foster & Partners (accessed on 7.5.19)

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