Reflecting on my feedback for Assignment 1 – Exploring Principles and Theories

I have received formative feedback from my tutor with regards to my model assignment. It notes that it would be useful to reflect on the feedback and identify what I feel are the key themes and areas for development.

Overall I am doing very well, which I was extremely pleased with considering it was my first ever model making assignment. I need to document more frequently, which I do realise is something I need to do, I’m hoping with time it will become a habit. I’m also aware that whilst deciding on what to create for my final piece I was remembering how pieces of furniture were arranged within the room, how the windows were dressed etc., this I need to document more by taking more photo’s or drawing sketches, include this detail in my learning log to help me progress. This will then hopefully lead me to delve a little deeper into understanding age of finishes of furniture rather than guessing and liking the look of it. My tutor writes that I go on a creative journey through each exercise which he gets through my writing but he would like to see more graphic or modelled material to show this journey. I need to get into the habit of recording my work even if it needs improvement, it is still part of my learning journey. I also need to try to connect my evident feelings from a space to the choices I make, I will try to elaborate on my choices giving reasons for feeling that way.

Overall, I am pleased with my feedback and look forward to finishing part two.

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