Project 1: Context – Precedent Studies

A precedent study is research into a key interior that is an existing building and has been transformed for a new use.

Exercise 1.1: Choose an example from the list given and do some initial secondary research into the building and its interior.

My chosen building is the Reichstag (the new German Parliament building). After looking at all four building choices briefly, this building stood out to me more than the others, originally built to house the parliament of the German Empire. The fact that it was damaged during the second world war and then rebuilt fascinated me.

Just before the architects started the rebuild, it was wrapped in enormous strips of fabric by artists Christo and Jean-Claude (Jaimes,2018), this brings the history to a close and the start of new beginnings for the building itself.

Fig.1 Wrapped Reichstag by Christo and Jean-Claude


Fig.1 Wrapped Reichstag (accessed on 05.04.2019)

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