Model making

Over the weekend I sat at the table and collected my materials together to create my final model. It needed to capture the atmosphere and/or experience of the space that I have spent time analysing.

My end goal was to create a large tassel, using simple materials this process was fairly simple to do. Once I have added feathers to give the tassel a softer edge, I will suspend it by attaching the peg to a board. By using string such as this, it’s more rustic than wool, giving a sense of age, like my chosen interior. By adding feathers I’m hoping to give the model a softer, more calmer look and style. This process was a challenge at first but I have thoroughly enjoyed creating something that captures the atmosphere of my chosen interior.

Here is my final piece, a model that captures the atmosphere and/or experience of my chosen interior. I have not found this task easy by any means but when you are told to think about how an interior makes you feel, how can you represent movement, smells, sounds, quality of light and shadow and ultimately the atmosphere, you have a chance to really look at furniture, soft furnishings, patterns, colours and creatively put together an abstract piece that is unique to your way of thinking, which for me ended up being quite enjoyable!

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